Posted on Feb 11, 2019

Hellen Chen International

The Love-U-Forever Relationship Seminar

May 11, 2019 – May 12, 2019
A Workshop on Relationships Specially Created For Men and Women

Hellen Chen's Love-U-Forever Relationship Seminar is specially tailor-made for working professionals to use the strength of a sound relationship to drastically improve other areas of life including career and prosperity and health and happiness!

Have you ever learned about how to love your spouse deeper every year regardless of how long you have been married?

For singles or divorcees, have you wondered why some relationships of yours last and some don't? [And how you should not place the bet that the next partner will be better...until you learn about the Number One "partner selection" mistake most people make!]

Have you ever considered that -- no matter how "obvious" another person may be at fault -- the real problem may actually lie in YOU?

Here is what you will learn:
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